Thursday, August 21, 2008

Lady bugs need a home!

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A recent comment about Ladybugs from a Master Gardener “One common control we all recognize is the use of lady beetles to feed on aphids. The only problem here is when the lady beetles rid branches or leaves of all the aphids, they leave for greener pastures.”
Recent research shows that yes Ladybugs do migrate at the end of the summer/early fall, but if the Do-it-your self farmer/gardener can improve the stay of their friendly Ladybug herd by providing them a nesting box, home or house. They eat other insects besides aphids like plant lice, whitefly and scale insects.
Two years of research show that most ladybugs leave to look for a home they make home from a squirrel hollowed out hole in a tree where they become pray from birds.
I have had good luck with a house designed for the Convergent lady beetle,
Scientific name: Hippodamia convergens, which is native to California. The Best Lady Bug House takes in consideration of their basic needs: Location, Food, Shelter, Protection , and a nourishing Environment.


angie said...

Thanks for taking the time to read my little stay-at-home-moms inquiry into lady bugs.

John's Arts & Crafts said...

Hi! Angie! Did you hear the New News? A new movie to be release Dec. 2008 called "Ladybug" you can view trailers at:

Geree said...

Hi John-
Thanks for the lady bug info!

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Most interesting information again John. I left a comment for you on the other post about ladybugs too.

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

That's a great shot of ladybugs. I've heard other people say they seem them in bunches, but I never had.